Green Mojave
Green Mojave
Green Mojave

Green Mojave

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“Green Mojave” 

This “Green Mojave” turquoise was hand mined/sourced by Chris Unck in the Mojave Desert in the Baker Ca. Area. The adventure yielded 7-10 nuggets of usable material found around the tailings of an old dig. This “Green Mojave” HAS NOT BEEN STABILIZED meaning that the hardness is around 5-6 NATURALLY and is the ONLY green piece found. This also means that it will most likely fade depending on how much sunlight it’s exposed to as well as water and skin oils. This is genuine NATURAL turquoise and is extremely rare to find. This grade of turquoise is was what made turquoise famous before most of the top grade materials were mined away.  The “Green Mojave” is a part of that timeline and is one of a kind hand sourced mineral by the silversmith and the seller :) 

100% Hand sourced mineral 

100% Hand Crafted 

100% One of a kind 

100% .925 Sterling Silver 

Band: Medium Coin edge half dome 

Bezel: medium half dome w rope 

Size 11 can be resized for and additional 75$