Lucky Bones
Lucky Bones

Lucky Bones

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The “Other Desert Gold” cast ring collection features “Lucky Bones”  the heftier of the castings done by Chris Unck. These rugged rings have the appearance of having been dug up from the bottom of the sea. These rings are drop casted from a special alloy that I call “Other Desert Gold” (it’s a mixture of .925 sterling, Copper and Gold)  then ground into shape and then the band soldered on. Each drop cast comes out differently and varies in weight typically 1-2 ounces, the heaviest at just under 3 ounces. These rings are for the rough and ready. 


100% Hand Casted 

100% .925 Sterling Silver, Copper and Gold 

100% Hand Crafted 

Ring size: 12

Band: Medium 3 wire 

Shape: Skull 

Weight: 2.2oz