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Inspired by the sheer magnitude of the moon, her grace while traversing the cosmos, her dedication to life on earth, the balancing between  the day into the night. Each piece is handcrafted and hung on a 22” braided copper chain with a hand hammered clasp and bail. 

Cerridwen  In Celtic Mythology is the keeper of the cauldron of knowledge. She is the giver of wisdom and inspiration, and as such is often associated with the moon and the intuitive process. As a goddess of the Underworld, Cerridwen is often symbolized by a white sow, which represents both her fecundity and fertility and her strength as a mother. She is both mother and crone,  many modern Pagans honor Cerridwen for her close association to the full moon.

The Moon represents powerful feminine energy. It signifies wisdom, intuition, birth, death, reincarnation, and a spiritual connection. Moon cycles are similar to the cycle of a seed: the seed grows into a flower, then blooms, and then dies. ... The moon also represents our deepest personal need, the love for self. 

Each piece comes on a 22" braided copper chain. 

Width: 4 3/4 in. 

Height: 3 in.