Lady Chang’O
Lady Chang’O

Lady Chang’O

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The Moon Lady

  • Lady Chang’O celebrates the power for Yin. She represents the universes divine feminine force, she grants blessing and secret wishes. She is surrounded by Organic recycled Enoki mushrooms, reminding us the magical benefits of fungi. Promoting balance in the immunity and aligning with the celestial spirits. She is encased in recycled Copper which is a wonderful way of absorbing overall health. She rest above a Self Healed etched tabular Ancestral timeline crystal.

Crystal attributes:


Ancestral timeline:

Attuning the crystal brings the source of the family dis-ease to the surface so it can be healed and then sent back down through the generations to a point before the dis-ease manifested, transforming the whole family line sending its benefits forward to future generations


Self healed: 
happy to share, happy and be whole again


Natural Rainbow:

Awareness of universal loved draws off negativity and dispersers healing energy to the body and the environment



Free flowing energy that offers little resistance, removing confusion, interpretation, excellent bridge communication crystal, bringing other realms inner and outer into balance also very helpful in telepathy



regressive healing especially helpful in past life trauma.