Natural Untreated Azurite/Lapis Nugget Ring Set in .925 Sterling
Baker Blue
Baker Blue

Baker Blue

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The "Baker Blue" ring is a nugget of Azurite/Lapis that was found just out side of Baker California in the early spring of 2019 by Silversmith and Owner Chris Unck. This is a COMPLETELY NATURAL stone of substantial hardness. ABSOLUTELY NO RESINS OR TREATMENT have been applied in any way to this stone. " i was about 16 miles out into the desert when we came up on an ancient dig from maybe the late 1800's, we poked around the old seams and uncovered a little bit of the seam that looked un explored so we dug around and found a little bit of the vein and out popped maybe 6-10 nuggets of beautiful hard material that had some amazing transitions, azurite into turquoise into malachite and into green turquoise, someone mentioned that it could be a fine grade ore and most likely it is, you can crush up malachite into powder and hold it over a flame and melt it into hard metal copper nuggets"

100% Hand Sourced by seller 

100% .925 Sterling Silver 

100% Hand Crafted 

Ring size: 8

Band: Medium Half round

Bezel: Medium Half Round w/ Rain Drop Rope

Shape: Waxing Gibbous Moon