This collection is made up of hand made necklaces containing vintage beads collected and up-cycled and crafted onto beading wire cores with modern bohemian chic woven ends and claps. most of these necklaces contain rare beads, ancient beads, ceremonial beads, hand hammered beads, soldered beads, bone beads, hand carved beads, teeth, hooves, antler, chevron, clay, glass and porcelain.  

"These necklaces have a "Mad Max" or "Voodoo" look to them by some accounts and some see African and Native American connections, i see into the tribes that i come from making crafts to bring joy and commodity to their families when the challenge of survival is day to day.... when i collect the beads i go for that feeling, when i find them or trade for them, its a feel knows best.. its like she can touch something and instantly know if its connected." 

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  • Buffalo Nickel Bench Bead and Sterling Naja
    Buffalo Nickel Bench Bead and Sterling Naja
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